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Making decisions about whether or not to get divorced is tough. crazy-making. life-changing. freeing.

Deciding about the future of your relationship, when all your emotional investment until now has been in the preservation of your marriage is challenging to say the least.

You’ve invested so much into your relationship, and so the choices about whether or not to end it or whether or not to try again are confusing, anxiety-provoking and frustrating at best.

And then there are the mental rabbit-holes of wrestling with the ideas of what got you to this point and what could you have done differently, or what your partner could have done differently etc, etc


Decisions and thoughts which not only affect the rest of your life, but the lives of your children… and even your partner.  

Considerations like:

This is where I can help you.

Working with a coach is like having a trusted guide and confidant in your corner who can support you to make sense of your thinking. 

Where your close friends and trusted family-confidants may be biased in their support, a professional coach can help you objectively work through all the factors of your decision making. 

A coach-in-your-corner can help you unpack your marginalized aspects to ensure that your thoughts, decisions and plans for your future are fully integrated with your whole being to ensure a minimal amount of backlash and self-sabotage.

What does this mean? 

What this means, is that often we can make decisions based on one aspect of our thinking – one half of our desire e.g. desire to be free, but there may be other aspects of ourselves which don’t agree with this desire or possibly have a conflicting desire, for example,  a desire to remain in a secure, committed relationship.

When we make decisions from one aspect, without fully considering or paying attention to other aspects of ourselves, these create disturbances in our unconscious which manifest as destructive patterns or disturbing emotions. 

Where decisions are made, which have taken into account all internal conflicts and desires, then you are paving the way for yourself for a smooth implementation and greater ability to move forward in these choices.


It can feel like it is easier to brave these decisions alone, because after all, they’re your decisions about your life and who knows you better than yourself… right?

There is value in this statement… AND… change is one of those areas of our lives which is the most threatening to our identified selves. We are black-belt ninjas at being able to hide from our own blind-spots and entrenched patterns.

This is the area where working with a qualified coach and personal guide can be the most beneficial. 

Someone who is trained to lovingly and empathetically clear your vision and highlight your biggest blocks in being able to move forward uninhibited through your process of evolution. 

Someone who can support you to: