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...on the other side of the known... magic and mystery await...

Your invitation to discover yourself, to unfold your dreams, and to explore the parts of yourself which you put away “for later” is here. 

Your invitation to carve out your freedom. 

The freedom to be truly you. 

The “You” that has been there all along, behind the conditioned responses, behind the fears, behind the loyalites, is here….

Imagine this....

You’re moving through life but feel a haze, there is something else out there which “know’s more”… you feel this desire to be guided by that “great knowing” but where do you start? 

You seek support and guidance from people who “know”… therapists, priests, shamans, plant medicine, or maybe your local yoga studio or ashram where a guru imparts their wisdom. 

Sometimes even Instagram or Facebook seems to be connected to a greater source of knowing… the divine oracle (even if it is an algorithm… it still seems to be more intuitive and turned on than you!)

You know on the deepest level that this information is available to you too… the great “wisdom” of who you are and what you should do with your life….

But you are unsure how to access it…

You may know your patterns and recurring feelings, you may even remember your dreams when you wake up…. but you struggle with that missing piece of how to make sense of it all? What does it all mean? What should you do?

You’ve heard the quote by the great magician Albert Einstein where he shares his wisdom that you cannot solve your problems with the same thinking you used when you created them… but how do you really shift your thinking? How do you get onto the other side of your limited beliefs?

Empower yourself to move beyond your known creations, explore expanded states, heal old wounds, free up creativity, discover courage, and lean into wisdom...

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According to Carl Jung: “The contents of the collective unconscious are archetypes, primordial images that reflect basic patterns that are common to us all, and which have existed since the dawn of time”.

In JOURNEY: The Realm of the Unconscious, we explore these archetypes as envisioned through the first layer of the Major Arcana of the Tarot card system** to explore your own life path and discover what keys you can bring back from your deeper subconscious.

You will go from feeling frustrated, lost, insecure with impending FOMO, to having the power in your own hands with practical tools and questions to explore the rooms within yourself.

You will have a set of magical keys to discover your answers.

No need to search outside… but within.

** No Tarot experience or knowledge is required. This is not a course to learn how to read or work with Tarot cards, and no buying into Tarot as a system is required to take part in this self-discovery course. 

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Here is what we will explore:

In this first module we will explore the first card of the major arcana: The Fool. The number zero.

Through meditation, journalling and depth enquiry, we will explore the space before the beginning, the moment before the first movement, the great leap of faith into the direction of where you want to go or who you want to be.

In this third module and the card of the High Priestess, we start to explore the archetypes of the feminine. 

We start this exploration by first unpacking our associations of being feminine and femininity (particularly in view of living in a patriarchal society) by exploring some myths which have relegated the role of women and how to heal this collective wound within the self. 

Besides various processing exercises and reflections we also look at some astrological aspects in our personal charts (no astrology experience required) to discover where we can access femininity, not as a projection that seeks to please, but as a state of divine creation. This exploration is valuable for both men and women alike.


This is our first exploration of a masculine archetype as held through the archetype of “Emperor” and our relationships to authority, men, our fathers, structure, colonialism, leadership and the like. Through a family constellation ritual and process enquiry we look at our relationship to our father. We delve into the number 4 (number of the Emperor card) and how it relates to the 4 aspects of personality and Jungian typing, broadening our ability to accept ourselves in our natural presentation.
In our 7th module we arrive at the Lovers card. Without getting lost in the entanglements of romantic love and seeking outside of ourselves, and as we start towards the completion of the realm of the unconscious; we integrate the “who are we” and develop a relationship with our true self to develop and nurture our love and acceptance of self and who we are in the world.  We start to answer the questions of “where do we want to go” and “what do we want to do”, free of preconceptions and ideals that we may have been holding onto as we started this journey, still tainted by the expectations and perceptions of others.  Working in this realm we activate our hearts, by first clearing away any fears blocking our ability to receive love and engaging in a powerful practice to send love out into the word and magnetize ourselves to receive.
In this module we will explore the Magician and delve into “psychology as magic”. How to pull things from the manifest (the unconscious) into the manifest (the conscious). We do this through exploring questions of what do we really, really want? By unpacking our application of resources and delving into our relationship to time and money.
In this module we explore the Empress, our second feminine archetype. We dive right into a core wound that many of us hold, and that is around our work with our mother. We also look at our own relationship to creation and even exploitation as we touch on our relationship to our bodies and mother earth and our ability to nurture and sustain ourselves sustainably. 

Acknowledging those who have come before is powerful magic! Although typically a masculine archetype card, in this exploration we look at authority and hierarchy and our connection to our ancestors. We explore various psychological dynamics like teacher/student, victim/persecutor and explore what is our work in the world?

Ready to face the world, we prepare to dream big and accomplish our true heart’s desire. We have cleared away the smoke and mirrors of our conditioned entanglements and unmet parental needs, ready to face ourselves and our futures squarely. 

This card we examine The Chariot and how our own habits and anxieties can support and propel us towards all that we seek to achieve.

What will you find in the caverns of your personal subconscious? What hidden treasures and dragon eggs can you release, and bring back to the surface to enrich your life of passion and purpose?

Tarot Artwork The Fool by Catrin Welz Stein

Some of the things you can expect to experience after completing the JOURNEY

Choose your participation level...

There are currently TWO methods to take part in the JOURNEY:

Individual Travellers
(Self-Study Option):

Energetic Container & Personal Intensive:
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The paradox of magic is that this JOURNEY will take you to discover the Self that has been there all along.
The self that exists without the Ego, the conditioned aspect of you wired for survival.

We will uncover the self which exists beyond the fears, beyond the doubts, beyond the conditioning of a patriarchal system designed to keep you captive.

The freedom to be YOU just as you are!

The paradox of magic is that this JOURNEY will take you to discover the Self that has been there all along. The self that exists without the Ego, the conditioned aspect of you wired for survival.

We will uncover the self which exists beyond the fears, beyond the doubts, beyond the conditioning of a patriarchal system designed to keep you captive.

The freedom to be YOU just as you are!

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Your guide:

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Hi, I’m Tiffany Stone…. 

I am relentless about “getting to the bottom of things”… to figuring out how something works so that I can resolve whatever challenge I am facing. This can show up like troubleshooting a computer glitch or diving deep into the underlying motivations of the human mind in order to figure out why certain behaviours or patterns are showing up. 

I have invested the past 20 years into figuring out my own psychology, to learn how to free myself from my unconscious drives and motivations and to gain a deeper understanding of how the messy human moves through the world. 

I have become adept at seeing and listening to the “things not being said”, the reading between the lines of what is hanging in the air… between the words spoken and the movements made. To decipher the information of the unconscious or hidden dynamics, which are seeking to be known, to be included. 

You could say I am an avid alchemist of the human psyche. 

I now share my skill with people who are looking to understand themselves or their partners more. People who want to resolve for relational challenges in their lives. This sometimes shows up as couples counselling and coaching, sometimes it shows up as corporate conflict resolution or even family dynamics and processing and sometimes it shows up as a personal individual deep dive to move beyond existing patterning to solve for achieving something new (be that in a form of a relationship, grow a business, improved financial success etc)…. Really, there isn’t any particular area that understanding the self on a deeper level in order to better strategize and move forward with a situation can’t help! 

So in a nutshell that is me! 

I am looking forward to meeting you… the self that has been there all along…. are you?